I wasn’t willing to trace back my steps. I mean, one and a half years is a long time to actually have detailed notes on everyday happenings. But now that I have thought about it, why not? It hasn’t been hard to remember anyway. And besides, how else do I keep a record of what to me, has been the most beautiful infatuation I have had yet? I am not sure where to begin, especially because one year is a long time, and this might end up a lingering narration but I’m going to keep it short but detailed. The beginning is a good start.

I remember it to be a dull, cold Monday morning. The 2nd of January, the year 2017. I contemplated actually waking up but the events of that day required me to hurry my usual long, lazy morning routine. I rubbed my gritty eyes and slowly peeled myself out of bed. It was going to be a tiring day, so I might have as well started it early. My schedule of the day was however not detailed. All I knew was that I had to come home that evening, having found an apartment to move into closer to the University I was enrolled in. I would usually have a number of activities to do before leaving the house on a normal day but this, I had an hour to prepare; Get ready and have breakfast. I laced up my battered Nikes and off I went. House hunting. Or so I called it.

When I got off the bus, at a fire point turn around, I took a deep breath of cold, electric city air. I had spent the better half of the day walking up and down, knocking at gated estates and apartments, all in vain. This was my final stop. If no apartment would work for me here, I was sure as heck going back home. I looked up and saw a dancer’s cage. Empty now. And above it, far behind it, an orange storey building. A small sign board hang on it that said ‘Vacant bedsitter’. There was no sign of people. I could hear off behind one of a row of closed black-lacquer doors, people laughing and someone seemed to be singing, but there was no sign of anyone.

“You’ll find it quiet on a holiday monday,” Said a short, slightly dark, well built lady, who happens to be a dear friend now, From behind me. “It definetly can be.” I said smilling. “I seek direction. I would use some help locating the owner to this building” I explained. She was rather kind, and right next to the apartment, was the landlord’s homestead. That Is how I found my way to the Management. In ten, I was treated to views that were rather intruiging unlike those I had earlier seen that day.

That very instant, across a warm disorderly, Miss-Dior smelling room, Our eyes would meet those of a handsome stranger come to call on someone, and would lock. ‘He’ looked good in the way of strong, tall and sexy, radiating a strong ammount of testosterone and kick-butt attitude. On the other hand, ‘he’ potrayed a sense of demur. Given the way my heart sped up and knees wobbled, I knew for sure ‘he’ was someone I’ld want to get to know.

It was a sparton a room as to seem a nun’s cell, and my heart, already poised to dive into a pit of my stomach. I would have made a final great leap with no further delay except for the bathroom. It was much larger than any I had seen earlier. The windows lay over a desk uncurtained and shinning like the doors into heaven. “I’ll take it.” And that was all it took to move into the neighbourhood I have called home for the past year and a half. I moved in the following day. I had to hurry. School resumed a day later.All the same, I did not move from the edge of my bed for a long time, and it was even longer until I reached over the desk and raised the shades and let a blaze of light stream back into the room The eventuality however is, I familiarized myself with a few people. Even gotten said Hi to a number of times.

Looking back,I remember it was a pleasant evening; even an exhilarating one, though at the start of it, I could not have said why. It should have been excruciating. Somehow,On this strange day, nothing that happened through the afternoon touched me. Not how ‘he’ spoke to me earlier, trying to say hi, not how I looked at ‘him’….Nothing!!!!

Time flew fast, then like it wasn’t moving at all. I heard a knock at my door. Which was sturtling considering I hadn’t made any actual friends yet. I peeped. The tinted windows didn’t let me see much. But I could tell it was a ‘guy’. The ‘guy’ I had been eyeing all day. I wasn’t sure how to act. Was I looking good enough? Was I even looking good at all? I opened the door as if to let ‘him’ in. I hardly looked at ‘him’ as ‘he’ came in and stood at the door. Not until I saw his reflection in an ornate mirror over a little mahogany side table, right across where he stood, that his sparkle sturtled me. But I raised my head and saw, in depth, a ‘man’ so becoming, so starkling and powerfully commanding, that I gave a small, silent gasp. Only after I had stared at the image for a long second did I realize, that I was looking at the image of ‘Blake’, who now stood behind me, and ‘he’ stared. Not at himself, but at the image of me in the mirror, and his unguarded face was not the barely concealed contempt that I had fancied all afternoon, but naked, hungry, envy. It was a primitive expression; powerful, somehow pure, somehow murderous, all consuming and yet so nakedly vulnerable that I shut my eyes involuntarily.

When I oped them, he had looked away,and his face was back in the white, almost silky, cap that I often spotted him in, overlaid now with a careful wash of sheer gold from perfectly calibrated sunning. His eyelids were shaded a delicate brown, and his wonderful brown eyes were fringed with his long lashes. He was as perfect as a fabergé egg, or a chinese porcelain, and as incamparably handsome. I had never seen this other face. Everything changed in that moment.

I saw myself in front of him, Juxtoposed against him, flushed with wine and redcheeked with sun and wind, black hair and unruly tangle of curls from the humid evening wind, red linen slightly rumpled, shoulders and neck and bossom glowing with heat and sunburn, eyes sparkling from alcohol and a kind of reckless triumph. I was raw and unfinished beside ‘him’, but totally and unconquerably young.

I saw the ‘man’ I was going to have sleepless nights over. And yes, Those visions have caught up with me.

(…….Continuation underway)

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